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  Options & Ordering 


Please read all of the information carefully

before ordering!

...we're making this just for you!

Write the following information in your order box

this is located under the color choices on the item page.


 1    Skull Cap Style     (point-round-turban)  


              2    Bead Option  If you are buying a BRA (none-fancy-deco-4 row)


                            3     Size of head measure as shown  (tape measure around head)


                                                  4      For full showgirls link to measurement chart below 


                                                                      5     Go to your item and choose the color. 


Note:  If you do not provide us with size details and specifics we will have to complete the order by phone or email.  Once your item is ordered we will email you a completetion date. 

If you have a Rush or a VID  (Very Important Deadline) 

Please call us to order your items.  702-739-6995


Handling fee is $15 per order.

Shipping in the USA is always FREE up to $2500.00 we use Fed Ex Ground.

If you prefer Fed Ex expedited shipping and need a rush order call or email

Fees will apply.

If you want to ship to a country other than the US ~ call or email.

Please contact us through email or by phone at 702-739-6995 if you have any questions.


That's it!     Too complicated?  Order by Phone! 


Skull Cap Styles

For shape only not desgin or color. 

Default shape is point if not specified


Round around entire crown 



Reverse point between brows



Point between brows

Size of Skullcap

        Measuring your head 


Pick your cap style









Measure your head

around the forehead with a tape measure


        Fill out the

information requested

in the boxes provided when adding full costume,

   headpiece, skirt or

    bra to your cart

 link here

We also have ready to ship items in small quantities at our retail  sites.

   You can't choose color, size or details but  they are still fabulous!

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