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Wild West Showgirl

Wild West Showgirl

Great for Country Music events and rodeos, horse shows!  
These fabulous costumes are an orginal design! 14 feather ostrich fan adorns a rhinestone encrusted cowboy hat. Rhinestone bra, silver stretch sequin skirt trimmed with ostrich feathers adds to the glamour. To complete the look we add a rhinestone trimmed vest, gloves with gauntlets and fringe and a big rhinestone belt.
Costume comes complete with

Showgirl Cowboy Headpiece
Rhinestone Bra
Silver stretch bottoms
Silver stretch sequin skirt trimmed with turkey ruff
Vest with stones and fringe
Gauntlets with stones and fringe
Belt buckle attached to matching band

This costume only comes in black or white
However you can inquire for special rates and colors by calling 702-739-6995
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